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                                           MUCH MORE THAN JUST A LOGO

A brand identity is all of the elements that visually represent a brand.

This can be the name, logo, styling, fonts, colors, images, icons, color palette, visual identity, messaging and illustrations – this is what visually separates the brand in the mind of consumers and customers from other brands.

Inpace team has wide practice on crafting distinctive brands helping to guide the direction of existing brands.  Our tactic to brand identity/ development is grounded in compact audience insight, spotted with cutting edge creative thinking. We follow a designed strategy to state that any brand identity for audiences and internal stakeholders now and in the future.

At Inpace, a bunch of strategists are dealing with large and small projects for our clients. Service includes:

-Brand naming

-Audience testing

-Brand strategy

-Development of brand values and disposition

-Brand design

-Logo development

-Brand launch planning

-Competitive research

-Brand message & story development

What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is what makes your company its own identification. For example, in the 1970s, Apple’s brand identity positioned about its goal to produce computers individual and reachable. It had to develop its logo to sustain its brand identity of front-line invention for customer use.

There are three essentials to corporate identity and culture are:

  1. Core Values:What your company positions for and its business assessments.
  2. A mission:What are the “bigger picture” goals and areas of the company.
  3. Talent Strategy: Which type of resource does the company want to arrange and how would they be playing.

Why is Brand Identity Important?

If your company has effectively shaped a brand identity that is distinguishable and supports it to be obvious in a rivalry niche, then it’s very prospective that you’ll appeal customers. And there’s nothing additional reassuring than shining statements of pleased patrons who then share the brand with others.

The implication of a comprehensive brand identity is made clear by some social media facts:

  • The internet has about 3.18 billion
  • 4 billion internet users are lively on social media.
  • 92% of selling brands are conscious of the above numbers and use a regular of 5 social media networks to seize the attention of entirely these internet buyers/ users.

With likely a vast quantity of internet content existing, it’s supposed that the middling individual is visible to hundreds of commercials in daily a day. And the solid way to be prominent? A strong brand identity.

Tactics to Building Adaptive Brand Identity

Having a durable brand identity is overbearing in order to be obvious in contradiction of the rivalry. Without a distinguishable identity, your employers and patrons may become marginalized from your amenities.

Branding is one of the most significant tactical decision for a business. Getting it correct can help arbalest the company to the top of the industry. Getting it incorrect can consequence in expensive misapprehensions about the company.

Many marketers make the blunder of initial with logo design. But every marketing counsellor will state that, there are several important phases that must be finalized before design initiates.

How do you make a new-fangled brand? Here are some major stages of the branding progression since our experience emerging branding strategies and brand identities for several companies.


Brand Valuation

Initiate with an exhaustive valuation of the present method of branding. You and your marketing crew will need to know:

  • Why an original brand is required: The strategic explanations behind the rebranding conclusion;
  • In what way refurbishing your brand will benefit you to achieve your sales and marketing targets;
  • The inheritance and history of the brand;
  • The communications the brand is carrying as regards your business;
  • The strength and weakness of the respective brand;
  • The use of interrelated brands for separations, elements, products, or amenities;
  • How the brand is used in entire media, at all customer nearby;

Which essentials of the present brand, if somewhat – such as the icon, font, colors, tagline, etc. – take sufficient impartiality to authorization holding in an original identity.


Competitive Assessment

If you’re in a competitive market, the brand is racing with other brands for cognizance and market leadership. You’ll need to systematically assess other brands in same industry to identify:

  • In which way your main competitor’s approach: Placing, messaging, icons, colors, letterings, fonts;
  • The efficiency of competitors’ brands, particularly the front-line competitors.


Internal & Customer Research

The brand signifies what your company is about. To make a brand that’s a reliable illustration of your business, you require to outline the value and undertaking. Communicate with your team, meet carefully chosen customers, and lead market research to acquire:

  • What differentiates your company and its commodity apart from competitive company;
  • How your brand is apparent – what people think of the brand;
  • What your customers value most about doing business with you;
  • The ways in which you truly excel – the things you do better than anyone else.


Brand Definition

The next step is defining what your brand should stand for. Review your research findings to determine:

  • Your value proposition: The unique value your business – and only your business – delivers to your customers;
  • Your brand promise: The expectations customers should have of your brand every time they encounter it in any channel;
  • Your brand persona: The attributes you want customers and prospects to associate with your brand.


Branding Strategy & Brand Development

Here you’re equipped to develop an inclusive branding strategy. To include:

  • A market positioning statement that matures who you are in the marketplace and distinguishes the business from another supplier;
  • marketing tagline, if suitable, that provisions this positioning by briefly stating in a striking way the maximum advantage or difference you propose;
  • Marketing messages that deliver as proof for your placement and brand potential and develop the copy platform for re-counting your company in marketing resources;
  • A visual identity – an iconic logo, if suitable to launch a different, persuasive image for your company and serve as the basis for all marketing moving onward.


Branding Excellence

Once you’ve crafted your approach and your original brand, it’s important to establish guidelines for how the brand will be used in all marketing networks. It’s the only method to ensure reliability and build brand acknowledgment and cognizance:

  • Progress the branding excellence that rule usage of the brand;
  • Be definite, you team knows the standards and consideration of importance;
  • Make all the versions and records required in several plans for operation.


Brand Activation

Develop a comprehensive strategy, calendar, budget, and procedure for beginning the new brand across your business/ company:

  • Make a complete slope of the whole thing that carries your old brand – from paper and online presence to services/ products and vehicles;
  • Recognize the team and suppliers that required to work with to for a smooth transition;
  • Activate rollout rendering to operation plan and timeline.


A Concluding Smart Strategy: Exploit on Your Original Brand

An original brand identity is a major prospect for seizing attention in your marketplace and getting prospects, customers, and competitors to view your company in a fresh new way. Build a multifaceted campaign in traditional, web, and social media to announce the new brand and make a splash in your industry.

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